Twilight Struggle Board Game (2005)

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From far, we hear the sound of the trumpet summoning us once more; it is a call to discover what Twilight Struggle board game has to offer! It is one of the classic board games designed by Jason Matthews and Ananda Gupta and launched in 2005. It is a game played by two participants and can last for up to three hours. The recommended age to participate in this game is thirteen years and above.

Before going deep into the heart of this board game, it is important we go a little bit to the 1945 Hitler’s war where one of the most devastating weapons rocked Japanese Empire down to its knees. After that, the world had months of relief, but shortly, a new conflict threatened. This new battle would see not only the action of great soldiers and tanks, but politicians, spies, artists, traitors, and intellectuals alike were in, which apparently set the stage for Twilight Struggle board game.

As earlier mentioned, the above board game is a two-player game bringing back to live the forty-five year dance of prestige, occasional flares, and intrigue of warfare witnessed between the United States and the Soviet Union. The entire game is a stage where two participants fight vigorously to make their world safe according to their ideologies as well as ways of life. Indeed, the game kicks off amidst the wrecks of Europe where the two new titans scramble over the ruins of the Second World War.

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A 2 player board game that takes you back to the cold war

It is reasonably fair to say that the above board game derives its fundamental systems from the classics of the card-driven Hannibal and We the People: Carthage vs. Rome. It is quite impressive to note this board game is low-complexity and quick playing. The game has a map resembling the world map of that era, where participants move units as well as exerting influence in a bid to gain control and allies for their superpower. Just like many other GMT card-driven games, making a decision on this board is a daunting task. Besides the limited resources, the primary challenge is deciding on how to use the given units and cards!

Nothing adds flavor and detail to the Twilight Struggle board game than the Event cards. With these cards, you can know an array of historical events or happenings, ranging from the Israel-Arab conflicts of 1948 to 67, to Missile Crisis of Cube, to the US and Vietnam peace movement, and many more other incidences that brought to a standstill. Subsystems capture the nuclear tension as well as the prestigious laden Space Race, with the likelihood of the game-ending nuclear war.

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Twilight Struggle Board Game (2005)
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Since its first launch, Twilight Struggle board game has undergone several publications and seen new editions coming into play. Indeed, the new versions are designed with new components not found in the original version. For instance, the most recent 2009 publication had many changes from the core game, which include a mounted map with improved graphics, revised rules, new card decks, and much more. Therefore, if you need to experience the bitter truth of the Hitler’s regime and the Second World War, you had better play the Twilight Struggle board game.



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