Pandemic Legacy: Season 1


Pandemic Legacy: Season One (2015)

Board games are fantastic for family fun. There are tens of hundreds of such games, and each game is designed to suit a particular age group. There are those that can be played for longer periods while others take a shorter time. The number of players playing a particular board game varies significantly. Well, today we are looking at one of the most popular board games called the Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 released in 2015.

A popular campaign board game with co-op features

If you are looking for a co-operative campaign board game, then the Pandemic Legacy is a perfect choice. It is a game featuring overarching story arc, and it is often played through twelve to twenty-four sessions, but it depends on how the performance of the participant’s group at the game. It is hard to distinguish between the first Pandemic and this game because at the start, both teams of disease-fighting experts are racing against each other as they travel around the world. Interestingly, as they proceed, they both research and cure diseases of four plagues.

Typically, when playing this board game, when the turn of each player comes, they have up to four available actions that allow them to travel around the world in several ways. Quite often, they need build structures, discard a card, trade cards with other participants, or find a cure for a particular disease. Talking about curing, a player is required to get five cards of a similar color, perhaps while at the research station. Indeed, each participant/player has a uniquely defined role based on his/her special abilities to help during the game actions.

pandemic legacy season 1 2015

Game play, cards and campaign details

As soon as each player is assigned a particular action, they are supposed to draw two cards. Often, these cards include epidemic cards that will be used to introduce new disease cubes onto the board, and sometimes, these cards lead to an outbreak which spread disease cubes a notch higher. The important section of the game is that the outbreaks increase the level of panic within the city, thus making people not to travel to this town.

It is important to get it clear that players have two chances each month that help them achieve the objective of that period. If you are lucky to succeed, then you win and stand a chance of being promoted immediately to the next month. Nonetheless, if you fail, do not worry because there is always a second chance, but attracting more funding for event cards.

The impressive part of the campaign is that new components, as well as rules, will be introduced. These will prompt players to alter permanently the elements of the game, which include splitting up cards, writing on cards, and even placing long-lasting stickers on components. Besides that, your opponents can acquire new skills, which in most cases, brings detrimental effects. More importantly, when these new rules are introduced, a character is sometimes lost entirely, which means this character will not be available for play.

Overall, the Pandemic Legacy board game is an enjoyable game played by between two and four players, and the average playtime is about one hour. The recommended age to participate in this game is thirteen years and above.

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Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 Review
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