Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (2015)

A New Story of Civilization review

Board games are perhaps one of the most exciting games for family fun. These are the group of games played by a team of players of varying ages. The Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization of one of such popular board games launched in 2015, thanks to Vlaada Chvatil, the designer. Nonetheless, this board game is a collective effort of many publishers including Devir, Cranio Creations, One Moment Games, and Czech Games Edition, just to mention but a few.

The above board game is one of the latest editions of the popular Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization. It should be explicit that this game has many vast and small changes seen on the game’s cards besides extensive changes on how military works. It is a board game played by between two to four participants, who are fourteen years or more of age. On average, a single game lasts for between three to four hours. However, the game duration depends entirely on the level of expertise of the participants.

The above board game falls into the category of civilization building game where each participant is supposed to build the best civilization by making use of careful resource management, selecting the ultimate leaders, unveiling modern technologies, maintain a secure military base, and building wonders. It should be remembered that when playing, any weakness can be exploited by the so-called opponents. The game processes through the ages, starting from the era of antiquity and finishing in the modern age.

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Civilization resource management and rules

Typically, card drafting is one of the underlying mechanisms in TTA. Nonetheless, wonders, leaders, and technologies are other mechanisms that come into play as the game processes, but they are easier to draft. To use a particular technology, a player needs to have sufficient science to discover it as well as enough resources to build a building. While balancing the resources required advancing the technology, a player needs to build a military as well.

Unlike the technology, the military is established in a way that is more similar to the civilian buildings. It is common sense that players with a relatively weak military are prone to exploitation, implying that other players can easily attack them. Since there is no map in this board game, the probability of losing territory is negligible, but as a player, you need to have a higher level of military skills, enough science, and resources as well as kill leaders and take a culture or population to emerge a winner. Despite the fact that it is tough to emerge victorious with a large military, it is sometimes very easy to lose simply because you have a weak military.

In the end, the participant(s) whose nations have the most dominant culture of the modern age achieve the victory of the above board game. So, get organized in groups of two to four participants and have fun playing this game today!

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Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (2015)
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